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What Is the Three Strikes Law in California?

Pretty much everyone who knows a bit about baseball knows what three strikes means – “You’re out!” It’s the point in the game when the team that was at bat loses its opportunity to score runs and must now attempt to prevent the other team from scoring.

What does this have to do with criminal law in California, you might ask? Well, since around the mid-1990s, California’s had a “Three Strikes” law on the books. Although this law has changed quite a bit since Proposition 36 passed in 2012, it’s still tough on repeat offenders of serious crimes.

Under the Three Strikes law, a convicted felon (Strike One) who is convicted of an additional felony (Strike Two) will serve double the sentence they would have otherwise received. If the convicted felon is found guilty of a third felony offense, then they are to be sentenced to state prison for at least 25 years to life.

Not just any felony conviction will qualify someone for a Three Strikes sentencing enhancement. Generally speaking, the felonies in question must be considered “serious or violent” in nature – particularly if someone is facing a possible third strike.

Felonies that may apply “strikes” include the following:

  • Arson
  • Battery resulting in serious injury
  • Burglary
  • Kidnapping
  • Murder
  • Sex crimes
  • Weapon charges

Are You Facing a Second or Third ‘Strike’?

If you are charged with a serious or violent felony that could add a strike to your criminal record, you are at risk of a serious sentencing enhancement. Our criminal defense attorneys at Corrigan Welbourn Stokke, APLC have many years of experience helping people like you mitigate the circumstances of their criminal charges.

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