Case Results

These are actual case results that Corrigan | Welbourn | Stokke have achieved with criminal defense cases in Orange County and Surrounding Areas:

Not Guilty verdict in an Orange County Domestic Violence case. Our client was charged with Domestic Violence arising from an incident in Newport Beach. Our Corrigan and Welbourn Criminal defense team located and called eleven defense witnesses in support of our client’s self defense. The result was an acquital in the case.

​Mistrial declared in Orange County Attempted Murder case after Judge dismisses life sentence allegation. Our client was charged with Attempted Murder with a life sentence allegation for premeditation and deliberation and a lesser count of Domestic Violence. A mistrial was declared on Count 1 after the jury was unable to reach a unanimous verdict. Client was convicted of the lesser count only. The Orange County Judge dismissed the life sentence allegation after the conclusion of the prosecution’s case. At sentencing the Orange County District Attorney’s Office dismissed the Attempted Murder charge.

Hung Jury in Re-trial of Penalty Phase of Riverside Death Penalty Trial
​For the second time in a year, Corrigan and Welbourn obtained a hung jury in the Penalty Phase of a Riverside County Death Penalty trial. Corrigan and Welbourn’s client was charged in the Murder of a 13 year old victim, committing the crime for the benefit of a criminal street gang and having suffered a conviction for a prior murder occurring in Los Angeles Superior Court. The Riverside County District Attorney’s Office dismissed the death penalty allegation after this result.

Not Guilty Verdict in Santa Ana Federal Court $1 Billion Investment Fraud Trial. After a month long jury trial in US District Court – Santa Ana, our client was found Not Guilty on each of the 9 Counts charged. He was charged in 9 counts of Conspiracy, Mail and Wire Fraud surrounding a high yield investment program.

Charges Dismissed in Orange County Felony Embezzlement of Airplane Case. Corrigan and Welbourn’s client was a private airline pilot and instructor. He was falsely accused of stealing the plane and using it for his personal use without the owner’s permission. In addition, he was accused of stealing credit cards and gasoline. We were able to obtain a dismissal of all charges as a result of extensive pre-trial investigation.

Los Angeles County Sexual Battery Charges Against Doctor Dismissed After Trial. Our client, a medical doctor for the last 20 years, was falsely accused of Sexual Battery and False Imprisonment by a female patient. Corrigan and Welbourn’s pre-trial investigation of the case revealed that the victim had received a substantial cash payment. We also discovered that local government officials were involved in “shaking down” my client for cash. The case was dismissed by the DA after a hung jury.

Orange County DUI Charges Dismissed
Our client was charged with DUI involving a combination of alcohol and prescription drugs. The result of two separate alcohol tests revealed a BAC of greater than .08% alcohol on the first test and below a .08% on the second test. Additionally, the blood test revealed the presence of prescripiton medication. After having the blood re-tested for a quantitative amount, we were able to prove that the drug levels were below a therapeutic level. The case resulted in a dismissal of the DUI charges and plea to reckless driving. Our client only had to pay a fine.

Not Guilty Verdict on Riverside County Attempted Murder and Gang Charges after Jury Trial
Corrigan and Welbourn client was charged with 1st degree Attempted Murder, Gang Charges and Enhancements and Assault with a Deadly Weapon surrounding a gang fight where the victim was shot in the chest at point blank range. At trial, we were able to prove that my client was not present through the use of bank records, former co-workers, and records obtained from the LAUSD. This took extensive criminal defense investigation and diligence as the case was a year and a half old when I took over. We had to locate witnesses who had moved several times and were reluctant to participate. OUr client was acquited by the jury based upon the evidence that we presented.

Not Guilty Verdict on multiple Sexual Assault charges after Riverside County Jury Trial.
Our client was falsely accused of molesting his two daughters twenty years prior. After a 3 week jury trial, the jury acquitted my client of all counts.

Not Guilty Verdict on Santa Ana Sexual Battery after Jury Trial
Corrigan and Welbourn’s client was falsely accused of committing two sexual batteries. The incidents took place on different days and did not know each other. During the trial , we were able to present compelling evidence that the main complaining witness had a background of filing meritless lawsuits. We found this information through diligent pre-trial investigation. The jury acquited our client of both counts. After trial, the judge declared our client factually innocent.

Orange County Felony DUI with Injury and Child Endangerment Reduced to a Wet Reckless
OUr client was charged with a felony DUI with injury and child endangerment after being involved in a rear end accident severely injuring his daughter. After lengthy negotiations, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office reduced the case to a misdemeanor Wet Reckless. Our client received probation, a fine and an alcohol class. No jail time was served.

Orange County Felony Battery with Serious Bodily Injury Reduced to a Misdemeanor
My client was arrested after a bar fight where the victim received injuries requiring him to be hospitalized. After lengthy negotiations, the case was reduced to a misdemeanor and our client did not serve any jail time.

Orange County Felony DUI with Great Bodily Injury Reduced to a Misdemeanor and no Jail
Our client was riding a motorcycle with a passenger with a blood alcohol level over twice the legal limit. Our client crashed the motorcycle and the passenger suffered broken bones as did my client. After lengthy discussions with the court and District Attorney’s Office, the case was reduced to a misdemeanor and my client will not serve any jail time.

Orange County Third Strike Case Dismissed After the Preliminary Hearing
Our client had an extensive criminal record dating back 20 years. Within this criminal history, my client had been convicted of several “Strike Offenses” including Robbery, First Degree Burglary and Assault with a Deadly Weapon. My client was charged with attempted burglary and felony vandalism. At the end of the preliminary hearing, the judge dismissed the case and my client was released that same day. My client was facing 85 years to life if convicted.

Los Angeles Attempted Murder Charges Dismissed
Our client was charged with two counts of Attempted Murder for shooting from his vehicle at two individuals walking down the street in the late evening hours. A Los Angeles Police Department officer was driving behind my client and witnessed the whole incident. After lengthy negotiations with the District Attorney, Judge and LAPD investigators, the attempted murder charges were dismissed and he was released from county jail and given community service. My client can withdraw his guilty plea upon completion of probation and have the case dismissed. My client was a United State Marine on leave from Iraq who was driving with known gang members from his neighborhood.

Orange County Reckless Driving and Child Endangerment reduced to a speeding infraction
Our client and his child’s mother were charged with reckless driving and child endangerment arising out of a custody dispute and high speed chase through Orange County where both parties ran stop lights and stop signs. In addition to facing jail time, probation and fines, my client’s professional license would be revoked by the state of California if he was found guilty. After considerable preparation, we answered ready for trial. The District Attorney’s Office dismissed the charges and reduced his case to a speeding infraction and running a stop sign infraction. My client is eligible to complete traffic school on the case. His professional license remains intact.

Orange County Domestic Violence and Probation Violations dismissed at trial
Our client was arrested for a misdemeanor Domestic Violence case. At the time, he was on two grants of formal probation for DUI and a prior domestic violence. My client steadfastly denied the incident and we prepared the case for trial. After completing extensive investigation regarding the surrounding facts and circumstances, we announced ready for trial within two weeks. The Orange County District Attorney’s Office dismissed the case and probation violations on the day of trial.

Orange County Felony DUI with Great Bodily Injury case to be reduced to misdemeanor
Our client was charged with a felony DUI and two strikes because she crossed over the yellow line and hit an oncoming car head-on causing great bodily injury to herself, her passenger and the on-coming driver. My client’s blood alcohol level was .21%. After negotiating the case with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office and the Orange County judge, we reached a resolution that will allow my client to reduce her case to a misdemeanor. My client was placed on probation, must complete 200 hours community service, an alcohol class and pay fines. Both strikes were dismissed and my client only served a total of five days in custody.

Orange County Misdemeanor DUI case reduced to a speeding ticket
Our client was driving home from work after having a few drinks with his co-workers. He was stopped for a traffic infraction and later arrested for a DUI. My client’s blood alcohol level was .08%. After careful preparation, the city attorney’s office dismissed the DUI charges and reduced the case to a speeding infraction with a nominal fine. I also represented my client before the DMV and saved his license.

Not Guilty Verdict in Orange County Multiple Count Robbery Trial
Our client was charged with six counts of robbery with a gun and six prior strikes. As a result, he was facing 175 years to life in prison if convicted. The prosecution’s case alleged that my client robbed four hotels at gunpoint and fled with cash. At trial, each of the victims testified and identified my client as the man who robbed them. My client was acquitted on all counts.

Orange County Felony Domestic Violence and False Imprisonment Charges Dismissed
Our client was arrested for felony Domestic Violence and false imprisonment after a fight leaving visible injuries on her spouse. Client admitted her involvement to the police and was arrested. Client was immediately bailed out of jail and never went back. The felony charges were dismissed and client received a misdemeanor battery, counseling and a fine.

The case results described in this website are not intended nor do they constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your case. Every case is different and many factors come into play such as the particular facts of the case and background of the client.