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What You Should Know About California’s Marijuana Laws

In January of 2018, adult recreational use of marijuana became legal in California. Although it is not unlawful to possess the substance, the state has restrictions on how much you can have, from where you can purchase it, and where it can be consumed.

Below are facts about recreational marijuana use:

  • Possessing the substance: Under the law, adults 21 years of age and over can have up to 28.5 grams of marijuana per day. They are also allowed to grow up to 6 cannabis plants and have up to 8 grams of cannabis concentrate.
  • Purchasing marijuana: To legally buy marijuana, you must do so at a state-licensed dispensary, which the Bureau of Cannabis Control regulates. The agency is in charge of reviewing and licensing retailers for sales and testing of the substance.
  • Consuming the substance: You are allowed to smoke, vaporize, and/or ingest marijuana on private property as long as the owner permits it. The law prohibits you from consuming the product in public or non-smoking areas. Additionally, although it is legal in California, it is still considered a controlled substance under U.S. laws. That means you would not be able to consume it on federal property even if smoking cigarettes is allowed. Officials for California State University and the University of California have said marijuana use is prohibited on their campuses because they receive federal funding.
  • Driving with marijuana: It is illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana. The laws concerning a marijuana DUI are the same as those regulating alcohol consumption and driving. Additionally, as with alcohol, you are not allowed to have an open container of marijuana in a car, regardless of whether you are a driver or a passenger.
  • Transporting cannabis: Although you can transport marijuana in a vehicle, as long as it is in a closed container, you cannot take the substance with you across state lines. This restriction applies even if you are driving to a place in which recreational and/or medicinal marijuana use is legal.

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Although adult recreational marijuana use is legal in California, you could be charged with a criminal offense if you have more than the lawful amount, drive while under its influence, use it in a prohibited area, and/or cultivate more than 6 plants, among other offenses.

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