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What is a Wobbler Offense in CA?

There are two main types of crimes in California: misdemeanors and felonies. However, a “wobbler” is a criminal offense that can be punished as either a misdemeanor or felony. 

Common types of wobbler offenses in California include: 

Additionally, there are also “wobblette” offenses, which are crimes that are charged as either a misdemeanor or infraction. Most infractions are punishable by a fine, rather than a jail or prison sentence like a misdemeanor or felony offense. 

Common wobblette offenses include: 

  • Driving without a license 

  • Driving with a suspended or revoked license 

  • Exhibition of speed 

  • Failure to appear in traffic court 

  • Criminal trespass 

  • Disturbing the peace 

In most cases, the prosecution determines whether a wobbler charge is a felony, misdemeanor, or an infraction. A wobbler crime can be reduced to a misdemeanor (1) when a prosecutor charges the crime, (2) when a defendant appears at a felony preliminary hearing, (2) during sentencing, or (4) after a defendant completes felony probation, so long as he/she was not sentenced to prison. 

The prosecution will consider the following factors before deciding how to charge a wobbler or wobblette: 

  • The seriousness of the criminal offense 

  • The defendant’s criminal history 

  • The defendant’s age 

  • The strength of the prosecution’s case 

  • The defendant’s willingness to cooperate with the police 

  • If the defendant will continue facing criminal charges in the future 

  • If the defendant is eligible for probation 

Furthermore, prosecutors may also take into account “mitigating circumstances.” Common examples include the defendant is a first-time offender, the defendant played a minor or passive role in the offense, the defendant avoided or attempted to avoid harming others, and the defendant voluntarily admitted to wrongdoing early in the criminal process. 

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