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Attorney Welbourn Secures Life Without Parole for Former Rays Prospect Brandon Martin

Success Story: Our Attorney Helped Spare Brandon Martin’s Life

Attorney Ed Welbourn defended former Tampa Bay Rays prospect Brandon Martin in a 2015 triple murder case involving Martin’s father, uncle, and an alarm installer. Brandon Martin was facing the death penalty for killing Michael Martin, uncle Ricky Andersen and security technician Barry Swanson with a baseball bat in Corona, CA, but our very own Attorney Welbourn fought to save his client’s life. He argued that Martin was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia back in January 2013 but remains untreated, causing him to no longer be the same person.

“Look at Brandon,” Attorney Welbourn said. “He has no affect. He has shown no reaction to any witness. … He’s no longer the same person.”

To exemplify this, Martin’s brother testified that his brother showed extreme paranoia in the years leading up to the triple murder, eventually turning violent. Martin admittedly punched his disabled father in the face and choked his mother, put her in a headlock, and threatened her with a pair of scissors. Martin’s mother testified that her son would punch his bedroom walls, and yell and argue despite no one being around. As a result, Martin’s family hired an ADP security technician to install an alarm system out of concern for their safety. That’s when Martin committed the murders.

After being found guilty of first-degree murder for the three September 2015 killings, Martin was facing a life or death situation. Prosecutors argued that Martin’s drug use lead to the murders, although his psychiatrist asserted that Martin has a “very severe case of schizophrenia,” which aligns with the testimonies of Martin’s mother and brother. As such, the prosecution sought the death penalty, while Attorney Welbourn fought aggressively for the jury to recommend life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Following nearly two days of deliberation, the Riverside County Superior Court jury came to a decision on November 19th. They ordered life in prison without parole, sparing Martin’s life. He is scheduled for sentencing on January 29, 2021.

This verdict is a big deal, and one of many success stories at our firm. Attorney Welbourn worked tirelessly to spare his client’s life and succeeded, allowing Martin and his family to regain some peace of mind after so many years. We are proud of Attorney Welbourn’s relentless commitment to pursuing justice on behalf of Brandon Martin and every client he represents altogether. To read the Los Angeles Times report on this case, please click here

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