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What are the Penalties for Not Wearing a Face Mask in Orange County?

In order to combat the spread of COVID-19 throughout California, Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a statewide order on June 18, 2020, that requires everyone to wear a mask while out in public and inside businesses. The only individuals who are exempt from the face-covering mandate include children who are two years old or younger, those with a disability or medical condition that prevents them from wearing a mask, deaf individuals, people who are seated to dine, and people who are exercising outdoors. 

Failure to follow the mask mandate can result in fines worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on local jurisdictions. While some cities and towns do not punish people for not wearing a face covering in public, others are forcing violators to pay for their disobedience. 

In Orange County, there is no countywide face-covering mandate, but local health officials strongly encourage residents to wear them. However, there are a couple of cities that fine people for failure to wear a mask. 

The following are fines in these Orange County cities for not wearing a mask or face covering in public: 

  • Costa Mesa – Punishable by a maximum fine of $100 

  • Irvine – Punishable by a fine of up to $500 per day 

Many cities throughout Los Angeles Counties are enforcing the mask mandate through fines ranging from $100 for individuals to as much as $10,000 for businesses. There are similar fines throughout Northern California counties as well. 

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