White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crime Lawyers in Orange County

Specific techniques are used in Orange County Federal White Collar Crimes, depending on the charge. Investigations of white collar crimes usually require discovery motions to compel prosecutors, employers, banks and other institutions to turn over records that can be used in your defense. The white collar crime lawyers at Corrigan | Welbourn | Stokke have a deep understanding of federal and state court proceedings, rules of evidence, negotiations, interviewing witnesses/victims or company personnel/police. Prosecutors typically do not pursue cases they don’t feel they can prove in trial. That is why it is important to dig deeper into case facts than the prosecution, so as to inject reasonable doubt to win in the courtroom if the case actually goes to trial.

The Orange County criminal defense attorneys at Corrigan | Welbourn | Stokke always consider the possibility of a trial, especially if you did not commit the alleged crime. Our criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience in defense cases that go to trial in Orange County Superior Court, United States District Court, Central District of California and Federal Courts across the United States.

A trial establishes whether the crime was committed and also identifies the dollar amount of loss. For example, you may stipulate or admit to committing the crime of embezzlement of $5,000, while your employer maintains that you are responsible for a $30,000 loss. The amount of actual loss may be an issue for trial. Orange County white collar and Orange County Federal criminal cases are won and lost based on pre-trial preparation. Your team of Orange County criminal defense attorneys must have the expertise and time to conduct its own investigation of your case and thoroughly research your case’s paper trail. It is up to the prosecution to prove the amount of actual loss. Here again a strong aggressive Orange County criminal defense attorney along with a team of forensic accountants and Orange County criminal experts can make all the difference in the world, in the results of your case.

Pre-trial preparation is the key to successful defense of fraud and white collar charges. Your Orange County criminal defense lawyers and criminal experts need to have the experience and expertise to determine which records are relevant to your case and thoroughly analyze these records.

White Collar Crime Defense in Orange County

Orange County White collar crime can generally be regarded as criminal activity involving money or property. They are commonly referred to as white collar crimes based on the identity of the offender who is someone that occupies a white collar job position, and therefore the offense in turn involves money or property associated with that position. They are also known as paper crimes because the evidence is often based on paper or electronic records.
They are often committed by professionals, business people and public officials where money is at stake. Orange County White collar crimes can include bribery, embezzlement, various types of fraud, computer hacking, identify theft and corruption charges.

White Collar Crime Penalties in Orange County

The most common penalty associated with most Orange County state and Orange County Federal white collar crimes is restitution, the return of the money or property to the damaged parties. In addition to the return of the actual money or property damages, the court can impose interest, fines or penalty assessment fees. This can result in high restitution penalties that can literally create a lifelong financial burden for the defendants in these cases. Even the accusation of a crime, regardless of the evidence, can do substantial harm to your professional reputation and future employment.

An experienced Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney is instrumental in minimizing associated penalties and fines, saving the defendant thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. An experienced Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney can also work out a reasonable payment plan that allows the defendant to pay the damages back over a reasonable time period, while even keeping the defendant out of jail or prison.

Often, white collar crimes are prosecuted at the federal level. Orange County Federal Courts are different from Orange County State Courts and can require different strategies. Federal charges are investigated by large government agencies with virtually unlimited resources and time to build their cases. Orange County Federal crimes are usually prosecuted aggressively and can carry severe mandatory prison sentences. If you suspect that you may be charged or are under investigation by the federal government or the United States Attorney’s Office, it is critical that you obtain the services of an experienced Orange County Federal Criminal Defense Attorney.

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