Sexual Offenses

California Sexual Offenses Lawyers in Westminster

Sexual offense charges are usually brought upon based on the age of the alleged victim and the conduct of the offense. California’s rapte statute, Penal Code 261, defines rape as “nonconsensual sexual intercourse accomplished by threats, force or fraud.” This is a sex crime in California. The typical frame of mind when thinking of rape is the forceful type of rape, but less obvious situations can lead to California rape charges also, including:

There are also other rape-related crimes that can fall under California rape law charges, including:

The sentencing and stigmas that follow a California rape conviction are generally very severe. A conviction of rape in California includes three, six or eight years in the California state prison. If the alleged victim is or was a minor at the time of the act, a minimum 7 year sentence or 13 year maximum sentence in prison is issued. Many times, innocent people are wrongly accused of rape. There are a number of legal defenses to rape allegations. Some of these defenses include:

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