DUI / Reckless Driving

Orange County DUI Lawyers

Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or other controlled substances is illegal across the United States that has severe legal consequences. DUI charges are not taken lightly in Orange County, or California. A conviction of a DUI can result in life-changing consequences that include fines, incarceration and probation. Driving privileges may also be lost. A DUI charge should not be taken lightly, and people arrested and charged with DUI need to place every effort into their criminal defense. That’s where Corrigan | Welbourn | Stokke comes in.

What is DUI?

Driving under the influence of drugs, or under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% and higher, impairs the ability to navigate and operate heavy machinery like vehicles and other large machines. An arrest for DUI will result in one of two criminal offenses:

DUI (of Drugs) (DUID)

A person’s motor functions are impaired when under the influence of controlled substances and prescription medication, which makes operating a motor vehicle more difficult and therefore illegal. Any individual who is stopped and arrested on a reasonable belief of being under the influence will have criminal charges pressed against them. If you or someone you know has been arrested for DUID in Orange County, California, call the criminal defense attorneys at Corrigan | Welbourn | Stokke. We will help fight your charges and protect your rights.

Legal and illegal drugs can classify a person as being under the influence. Impairment by a prescription drug, regardless of a prescription by a legitimate physician or medical professional, can still result in conviction if the prosecution can prove that you were actually impaired while operating a motor vehicle. The question in many DUI cases is if the driver was actually under the influence at the time of arrest. The DUI attorneys at Corrigan | Welbourn | Stokke will exhaust all methods of disproving that you were not affected by the drug, which has the highest chance of having your charges dropped.

DMV Hearing Lawyer in Orange County

An arrest for DUI charges in Orange County will result in confiscation of a driver’s license, and a temporary driver’s permit will be issued. The permit allows an individual to drive for up to 30 days. Once 30 days has passed, the individual’s driving privileges will be suspended automatically. In order to avoid suspended driving ability, the individual must schedule a hearing at the Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days of their DUI arrest to contest the suspension of the driver’s license.

After the individual schedules the hearing, a date and time will be issued in which the individual must appear at the local DMV. During the hearing at the DMV, a representative from that DMV will meet with the accused individual. The DMV representative serves as a prosecutor and a judge during this hearing. The representative will present evidence to the individual against their driving privileges pertaining to the DUI, and will assess whether or not those privileges should be reinstated. If the representative finds the person to be guilty, the individual’s driving privileges will be suspended for a set period of time, depending on other mitigating factors. However, if the representative finds the person not guilty, then driving privileges will be reinstated and the license will be returned.

Many people believe that they have the proper legal ability to defend themselves during DMV hearings. This is not a wise idea, as most people do not have the training and knowledge to successfully plead a case. It is a beneficial move to retain the services of an aggressive DUI defense attorney for DMV hearings. The DUI lawyers at Corrigan | Welbourn | Stokke will gladly defend an individual during a DMV hearing by challenging evidence and questioning the arresting officer’s testimony.

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