Jailhouse snitch planted in accused killer’s OC cell?

Published by on October 30, 2017

A 39-year-old charged with killing his business partner in Orange County seven years ago is concerned that Orange County sheriff’s deputies put a confidential informant in his cell, which could be a violation of the defendant’s constitutional rights, his attorney said Friday.

An attorney for Ed Younghoon Shin, who is charged with killing 33-year-old Christopher Smith in June of 2010, told Orange County Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals in court on Friday that he has received information indicating an informant was placed in his client’s cell. Shins’ attorney, Ed Welbourn, wanted Goethals to order more evidence to be turned over in the case.

Goethals explained to Welbourn that he cannot really do that, but reminded Senior Deputy District Attorney Matt Murphy that prosecutors are required to turn over all the evidence they can find that could be exculpatory to a defendant. Murphy said he understood that, but he has not been able to find anything backing up Shin’s claim and suggested the sole source for the information was the defendant himself.

Murphy also assured Goethals that even if does find out that Shin’s jailers put an informant in his cell that he would never use the evidence in the trial.

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