Theft Crimes

Fullerton Theft Crime Lawyers

A theft conviction in California, or any state, can be disastrous to future goals of attaining future employment, state licensing and other benefits. Many theft convictions can be expunged, but they will still show up on background checks. Employers generally steer clear of individuals and applicants with theft records, with the rational fear of dishonesty and the potential to steal from the company. A skilled Orange County criminal defense attorney from Corrigan | Welbourn | Stokke can defend you if you are charged with theft.

A theft offense is considered a “crime of moral turpitude,” meaning that the state license boards cite theft convictions as primary reason to deny licenses and certifications including contracting licenses, nursing licenses or real estate licenses. Theft convictions also pose consequences for immigrants seeking a via, green card of attempting naturalization in the United States.

There are several types of theft identified by California law, including:

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