Federal Crimes

Federal Crimes Attorneys in Newport Beach

Federal offenses are crimes that do not fall under specific California jurisdiction, which means that they are punishable by United States law which is often more severe. Federal crimes cases are investigated by federal prosecutors who will then show their findings of criminal activity to the U.S. Attorney to review. If a case merits legal action, a complaint will be filed and a grand jury will issue an indictment against the accused. That person will be arrested and a trial date will be set.

Since Federal Crimes are illegal across the United States, and not just California, the consequences can have serious negative impacts if you are convicted. The Federal Bureau of Investigation handles Federal Crimes charges, and utilize many advanced resources to gather facts regarding the case. That’s why you need an experienced Federal Crimes attorney. The experienced team at Corrigan | Welbourn | Stokke have tremendous, and successful, experience defending individuals accused of criminal charges in California. Located in Newport Beach, CWS Defense will help represent individuals accused of federal crimes in southern California, and even across the United States.

Corrigan | Welbourn | Stokke are experienced federal crime attorneys in Newport Beach, California who have the experience to successfully defend individuals charged with federal crimes. Our criminal defense attorneys cover the following criminal activities, including: