Drug Crimes

Westminster Drug Crime Lawyers

Arrests on drug charges in Orange County, and the United States, are very common. Many Americans are ensnared in the failed “War on Drugs” on a yearly basis. Local, state and federal governments still continue to provide billions of dollars into this failing program year after year at the expense of Americans. Despite the aggressive nature of this “war”, it is quite possible to create an aggressive defense to a Westminster drug charge. Corrigan | Welbourn | Stokke are experienced drug crime lawyers located in Orange County, and can help create your aggressive defense.

Drug charges include possession, sale, or intent to distribute any type of drugs including powder cocaine, crack or base cocaine, marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine or PCP. The drug crime lawyers at Corrigan | Welbourn | Stokke have the skills and abilities necessary to create aggressive drug crime defenses. We will fight your felony drug charges and protect your rights.

Corrigan | Welbourn | Stokke are well-versed in every facet of drug charges, including fighting them, and will exhaust every option possible to ensure that the evidence against you is not taken to court, while also creating a cutting-edge strategy.

Westminster, Orange County Drug Charges

An Orange County drug conviction carries extremely harsh punishment that often includes fines, asset forfeiture, registration as a narcotics offender and jail or prison time, so it’s essential that you act decisively by assembling a strong Orange County Criminal defense team.

Some Orange County drug cases should be taken to trial, while others may be favorably resolved with a skillfully negotiated plea bargain that may result in alternative sentencing. Some forms of alternative sentencing that may be available to help you avoid incarceration in a Orange County drug case include deferred entry of judgment (DEJ), Proposition 36, and drug court.

An Orange County drug charge can negatively impact every part of your life, but fortunately you can aggressively fight your case with the help of a skilled Orange County criminal defense attorney.

Corrigan | Welbourn | Stokke is located in Orange County and represents surrounding areas including Newport Beach, Westminster, Santa Ana, and Fullerton. Call Corrigan | Welbourn | Stokke today to schedule a free case evaluation.